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Golf Hockey Style Toilet Cleaner Brush

Golf Hockey Style Toilet Cleaner Brush

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  • 360° Dead-End Cleaning:

    • Specially shaped golf club-like design for precise corner access
    • Deepens gap cleaning and reaches into pipes and grooves
    • Effectively tackles dead corners and under-rim sections
  • TPR Brush Head:

    • Moderately soft and flexible for powerful cleaning without scratching
    • Easily bendable, retains shape even with strong cleaning force
    • Hassle-free cleaning without concerns about hygiene
  • Non-slip Handle:

    • Ergonomic design for a perfect hand fit
    • Humanized handle to prevent slipping and discomfort during use
  • Easy-to-Clean Brush:

    • Bristles not sticky to hair for effortless cleaning
    • Dirt rinses off easily, ensuring a clean and hygienic brush
  • Perfect Bathroom Assistant:

    • Clean and modern look suitable for any home decor
    • Wall-hangable for space efficiency in bathrooms
    • Reaches hard-to-access areas like toilet lid edges, small niches, grooves, and under the rim

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